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Encyclopedia is a term which is defined as a book or a series of editions which consists of general information about several yet diverse topics and areas. The name encyclopedia is derived from the Greek enkyklia paideia, denoting "a general knowledge." There have been many kinds of encyclopedia types ranging from religious ones to professional subjective ones, for instance, the carpetandrugpedia.com.

Nevertheless, it has become as one of the premium online reference portals looked forward to. Similarly, welcoming you to carpetandrugpedia.org, which is a fully informational online portal to be referred to and get hold to some relevant and correct information on carpets and rugs. This portal is very unique because itís loaded with amazing and interesting facts related to carpet fibers and yarn, carpet installation, and carpet cleaning with maintenance.


Elaboration over yarn and yarn types
Yarn is a term defined as a group of fibers which are shorter than the length of the yarn and are grouped or twisted together. They are extensively used to construct textile fabrics including carpets and rugs.
Yarn is made from natural and synthetic fibers both, filament or staple form. Filament is a fiber which is seen in great lengths. This includes a blend of silk and the synthetic fibers. However, generally, staple forms are fairly short length, short cut yet equal length synthetic fibers. In addition, the making of a yarn depends on the customersí requirements too. In simpler terms, there are broadly two yarn types used universally. They are as follows:


ē Naturally Colored Yarn, and
ē Natural Dyed Yarn

More companies, be it big or small, tend to use naturally colored yarn or adding naturally dyed yarn to their carpet production lines. However, since the yarn is organic, it doesnít mean that the thread is not treated necessarily.
When the yarn with its fibers is obtained in the same color when it grew on the plant or extracted from the animal, is known as Naturally Colored Yarn. For example, nowadays, cotton can be seen in a range of whites, greens, and browns, etc.


Often, to achieve a more perfect yet distinct color or quality, two yarn types are blended too. It helps in creating multicolored yarn also.

When a yarn obtained in a certain color is dyed with a natural dye and traditional processes to produce a distinctly colored yarn, less seen in natural fibers, is called as Naturally Dyed Yarn.

In United States, there are textured, crimpled, or bulked yarn used widely. The carpet industry is concentrated densely in Georgia in the 21st century.

Did you know?
Silk is the most precious considered fiber type voted as the luxurious thread for carpets and rugs. It is extracted from silkworms, but caterpillars. Such was the craze for this delicate splendor that Chinese people smuggled silkworm eggs out to Europe and other countries in the13th century. However, the Chinese guarded this secret and the thread very well for almost two thousand years.

After purchasing that new carpet for your bedroom, the next big task comes up is of carpeting the floor. Now, the carpet or rug bought can be just used as a floor covering. However, to avoid slippage and enhance the longevity of the rug, it can be fastened to solid floors with the help of carpet glue. Being the most tedious job for consumers, they tend to brush through various educational books and manuals on safe

and carpet installers. Carpet layers also come up as helpers.

Although everything seems perfect during the process, but when that carpet runner of the hallway turns out to be in a different color than the sample, then the whole excitement is headed towards a disappointment. Therefore, it is suggested to refer to professional carpet installers who follow the directives of carpet installation standard.

Carpet Installation
Some tips while installing carpets and rugs
Itís natural that when a carpet installation goes improper then the entire investment becomes sour. Prior to this process, the consumer should discuss the retailer about all the specifications of carpet installation. If there are any specific recommendations, then itís the retailerís responsibility to clarify all of them to the buyer before installation. The carpet or rug should be inspected for any possible defects. Nevertheless, one should always check the correct carpet style, carpet color, and carpet or rug texture etc.

A wise step would be to order and review a copy of the CRI 105 Residential Carpet Installation Standard before carpet installation. Be present while the process takes place and the installer can be quizzed about any deviations, if come up any. Unbelievably, it would actually sieve through the imperfect ones to get the right carpet installer. Carpet installation prices have not increased much yet an honest and integrated installer would show efficiency in his work. Unfortunately, often, they do not receive the respect they deserve. The best way advised to keep both the parties happy can be that, that a mutual agreement stating that the consumer would pay $2.50 a yard for labor and $2.50 a yard for satisfaction achieved in carpet installation.

This condition would facilitate you and ease the installer to complete the job to full satisfaction. Moreover, he would not have to hustle on for getting another carpet installation order.

Did you know?
After installation, a carpet should be vacuumed for removal of any loose fibers. A slight new odorous smell may be noticed which vanishes away. However, ventilation for 48 to 72 hours is required.

Worldwide, there are innumerable varieties of carpets and rugs seen. In fact, several carpet manufacturers and companies donít differentiate much between slightly different types of carpets and rugs. And, seemingly, call rugs, except dhurries as carpets only.

One of the leading carpet stalwarts named Jaipur Rugs Company follows suit. Famous Jaipur rugs and carpet varieties such as area rugs, shag rugs, runner rugs, small & large rugs, floor rugs are its specialty. Luxurious silk flower carpets with lovely silk flowers, wool silk carpets, silk flower rugs, and silk wool rugs come as the most demanded yet expensive home dťcor products in various carpet and rug stores.

Apart from silk, natural fiber such as jute also makes a room for its placement as a modern rug in homes and offices. Jute carpets as contemporary rugs are always seen with various carpet stores and reputed rug sales and carpet shows.
Definitely, then there are others like outdoor carpets for repelling moisture and adding beauty to the outer areas of homes. The carpet industry is all loaded with all carpeting solutions catering to all requirements.

Talking about carpets and rugs, the description would remain incomplete, if flat weaves are not made inclusive. Also termed as Oriental Flat weaves, the popular varieties are Sumacs, Jajim, Palas, Sileh, Verneh, and Shaddah etc.

Suppose, you buy a valuable new Persian carpet and suddenly you face a pet accident on it. Then what? Actually, carpet cleaning is more important a task than carpet installation. In case of antique rugs and carpets, it becomes a more careful task undertaken. Answering to the question above, to clean your pet poop simply use detergent, vinegar and rinse. Never scrub a stain but just blot.

Never bleach your carpet.
Just pat dry but refrain from blow dryers

Nevertheless, every carpet or rug demands vacuuming almost every day. This wise practice would let the carpet pile breathe healthy with less dirt storage and resisting crush and mat. In addition, a professional carpet cleaner would do wonders to your carpet, on the whole. Once within every 3-5 years, a professional carpet cleaning would enliven your expensive carpet or rug like new.

However, there are certain smart points which when kept in mind would term you as an aware carpet buyer. The points are as follows:

Keep a record of the Manufacturer or Retailerís Details
It is very important to remember the carpet manufacturer or retailerís name and phone numbers from which the carpet has been bought. In case, the buyer faces any problems within the warranty period the recorded information comes handy. If the retailer is not reachable, then the consumer can easily contact the manufacturer directly. Probably, the manufacturer could help with answering queries and other useful information.

Keep a record of Carpet Style, Style Number, and Color Code
It is clever to know the carpet manufacturerís carpet style, style number, and color code for reference. There are chances that the same manufacturer would change certain details for their own bookkeeping needs. Therefore, relating to old carpet details becomes quite cumbersome for them to find out.

Keep the Invoice Safe
The invoice code and date is always more than helpful to for the consumer. In almost all cases, it impossible for the carpet companies or retailers to identify their goods without any invoice.

Hold on to Carpet Installer name
The information related to carpet installers is definitely distinct from carpet retailer. It is recommended to book his name for future carpet repair concerns.

Carpet Warranty Details
The buyers always receive a printed document reflecting carpet warranty period with seal from the carpet retailer. If not, then it should be demanded form the carpet manufacturer. It is always seen with accompanied with the billing detail.
The above mentioned points, if kept in mind, can stimulate your carpet performance wonderfully with carefully chosen colors and greatly impact carpet wear too.

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